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Koalati is moving to the cloud!

Published on July 21st, 2020
Koalati is moving to the cloud!

Since the world as we knew it changed a few months ago, a lot of companies have had to switch their focus and start conducting their activities almost exclusively online. Some were already set-up ahead of time, while others had to quickly come up with a plan to make their offering available on the Internet as fast as possible. Some built their own website with website builders like Wix or Squarespace, while others hired professional developers and designers to build a website for them.

With so many new websites making their appearance in the past few months, a lot of businesses who previously didn't operate online will now see the benefits of doing so. And over the next few months and years, a lot of those businesses will want to work on their website to improve it in order to get more traffic, and to generate more sales from that traffic. Business owners will be more and more interested in learning about how they can improve their website to get better results, and they will seek web professionals who can help them with that.

Where do we come in with all of that? Well, over the past few years, Koalati has proven to be a useful tool for freelance developers, marketing teams and web agencies alike. Our website testing platform has been used to do a ton of great stuff, such as:

  • prepare website audits;
  • fix on-site SEO issues;
  • improve user experience;
  • help with website maintenance;
  • provide detailed website reports to clients;
  • and much more.

However, seeing as web professionals around the world will soon be in very high-demand - if they aren't already - we feel like we have to do our part to help them deliver quality work for their clients. With that in mind, we came up with a revamp plan for Koalati, which we will be working on for the next five months in order to help all of those professionals start off on the right foot in 2021. 

Although it includes a lot of changes, there are two main aspects to our plan: moving to the cloud, and opening up our platform to the community.

Let's start by talking about our move to the cloud. Our goal is to provide people with faster and more efficient tools that can operate by applying as small of a load as possible on those people's websites. Not only that, but we want to be able to do this at a larger scale. Leveraging the power and availability of cloud processing platforms to accomplish this goal is a no-brainer for us. That is why we will be re-building almost all of our tools and systems in order to give our users the highest level of performance we can.

However beneficial the move to the cloud might be, opening up our platform to the community is the most exciting aspect of this plan for us. Our objective is to build an open-source ecosystem within which users can share their own custom testing scripts with other users. Seeing as most developers already write automated tests for their projects, combining those with our own tools in a single platform seemed like the logical next step. As I said, we are really excited about this, and we will be discussing it in further details in the months to come.

Over all, there is a lot of work in the plans for us at Koalati. Although most of this work won't be visible within the application itself until it is released by the end of December, we will be publishing articles on a regular basis to inform you of how the development is going and of what to expect in the future. So, stay tuned for our next post!