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Over the past year, Koalati has been completely revamped to better serve the needs of agencies and developers like you.

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Automated website audit tools for web agencies

Get detailed reports of your websites in just a few minutes, so you can fix the issues before your clients report them.

Our website testing features

Give your developers a break by automating your pre-launch and quality control process. Here's an overview of Koalati's offering:
White-label reports

White-label reports

Detailed website reports will give your sales team a powerful tool to help them convince potential clients.
Audit tools

Audit tools

Analyze your entire websites to detect issues about on-site SEO, social media optimization, browser compatibility, and more.
Website maintenance

Website maintenance

Let our automated audit tools keep an eye on your website for you. If something seems wrong, we'll let you know via email.

Your clients expect nothing but the best

Building great looking websites is one thing, but clients want more than that: they expect to receive the full package. As web agency, it is your job to ensure that the product you deliver not only looks good, but that it is also:

  • 100% functional
  • Optimized for search engines (on-site SEO)
  • Optimized for social media sharing
  • Compatible with every major web browser and devices
  • Analytics ready
  • Secure

Koalati's automated tools analyze every aspect of your websites to make sure your clients expectations are met at every level.

Still using a pre-launch checklist?

There are hundreds of elements to check before you launch a website – that’s why there are so many pre-launch checklists out there. But going through those checklists manually is a huge time investment, and using other tools to analyze your pages one by one won’t help much. That’s why Koalati offers automated website testing tools that are built specifically for Web agencies.

Think of it as a getting a complete website audit tailored to your precise needs, in just a few minutes!

Our free tools analyze your entire website and provide you with personalized reports and recommendations that can guide you through the entire quality assurance process.

Pre-launch checklist

White-label reports:
a powerful sales tool

Convincing a potential client that their existing website needs to be revamped can be difficult.

Empower your sales team with our white-label reports: with a detailed list of the current website's flaws and problems in hand, they'll be better equipped than ever to face that challenge.

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Sales meeting
Catarina, Project Manager at Eckinox

Integrating Koalati into each sprint of our projects has made our websites more efficient, lowered the risks of human error, and overall, decreased the time we put into quality testing by 50%.

Catarina Wieler-Morin,
Project Manager at Eckinox


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