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Terms of Use and Privacy policy

Updated on 19/06/2019 15:00 EDT

By visiting this website and by registering to Koalati's application, you agree to all of the terms and policies listed below.

Register with your real information

We don't share or sell your information with other businesses or organizations, except with our service providers, unless you authorize us to do so. We just like having your name and email address in case we need to contact you about your account.

Use the service for your websites

You are only allowed to use our service on websites you own or manage, unless you have explicit permission from the owner or manager to use our services on their website.

Don't break our website or services

Our goal is to make your life easier, so please try not to make ours more complicated. If you stumble onto a bug or an issue that affects your experience on Koalati, please report it at bugs@kolati.com.

Be responsible

Although we provide services and tools to help you with the quality control of your sites, you shouldn't take our word as gospel. The Web changes rather quickly, and opinions can vary on what the best strategies and standards to apply and respect are. We are not responsible for anything you do on your website(s).

Be honest and respectful

If we ever need to contact you, if you contact us or if you mention Koalati in a conversation or on social media, please be honest about our tools, services, websites and employees, and be respectful when talking to or about someone on Koalati's team.

Your personal information

First of all, here is a list of the concrete personal information we collect, as well as an explanation on why we collect it and how we handle it:

Full name

We ask for your full name upon registration in order to personalize the content we provide to you, and most importantly to know who to talk to in case we have to contact you, or in case you contact our customer service. This information is securely stored in our database, and is never shared with any other services or third parties.

Email address

We ask for your email address upon registration for a few reasons. First of all, we need a unique identifier for your account, and email addresses are commonly used for just that. We also need a way to contact you in case there are important notices about your account or about Koalati in general. We try to send as few emails as possible, in order to avoid spamming your inbox, so you will only receive emails from us in critical situations and when you explicitly request it. Some features of the application also use your email address (sending automated test reports via email for example). Those are cases in which you have to manually opt in, and from which you can always opt-out very easily. This information is securely stored in our database, and is never shared with any other services or third parties.


We ask you to create a password upon registration in order to secure your account so only you can access it. Of course, we recommend using a password that you haven't used anywhere else, and that is at least 12 characters or longer. This information is hashed and securely stored in our database, and is never shared with any other services or third parties.

IP address and other generated information

Information such as your IP address is easily available when you visit a website (unless you are using a VPN or other similar services). Although we don't use that data ourselves, it is used by third party services such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking, in order to give us information about our visitors and users. Some of those services might use that data to try to give us an idea of the demographics of people visiting our website, but never for personally identifying a specific user or person.

Modifying or removing your information

Once logged in, you can always edit the information you provided us directly, as well as your email preferences and a few other settings, on the Account Settings page. You can also delete your account from within that page, in which case your account will be made unusable and all the personal information stored for your account will be removed from our database. Please note that your account, along with the personal information it contains, might still be present in our backups for up to 31 days after having been deleted. After this period, all of your information will be wiped from our servers, although the information gathered by third party services for analytics purposes will still be available to us. If you have lost access to your account, you can contact us and we will do everything we can to help you either gain access to your account or proceed to the deletion of your account. To know more about the different ways you can contact us, check out the Help page.

Changes to the terms of use and privacy policy

Minor changes might be made to the terms of use and privacy policy now and then. Whenever major changes are made, if that happens, we might contact you in order to inform you of what we changed and why we did it. Otherwise, the date and time of the latest changes to the terms of use and privacy policy are always displayed at the top of the page in order to make it easy for users and visitors to know when something has changed.