Koalati is developed for recent browsers, so we highly recommend you use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Microsoft Edge for an optimal and bug-free experience.

What is Koalati?

In a nutshell, Koalati is a tool that allows you to automatically detect all sorts of issues and problems with your website. It's quality control made simple. Originally started as a simple personnal project, Koalati has now turned into a complete service for Web enthusiasts all around the world.

Although it is mainly aimed towards developers and designers, Koalati is also a great tool for anyone who needs to identify flaws and build reports for their websites, from SEO specialists to project managers.

Quality control is an incredibly important part of the web development process, and our service's main objective is to help you in that process to ensure that your visitors have the best experience possible. After all, a better user experience generally means a higher conversion rate: everybody wins!

The man behind Koalati

Enough of the third person speech...

Hello! My name is Émile, and I am the developer behind this project.

According to my parents, I started browsing the Internet before I learned to read or write. A couple years later, I discovered programming through online forums and tutorials, and I haven't stopped creating games, apps, websites, tools and other projects since then.

I never was much of a sports guy, and with the cold winters of Québec, Canada, I've always had plenty of time to tune into my creative side and solve people's problems, as well as my own, through code.

When I started working as a Web developer at Eckinox in 2016, I realized that a good quality control process is essential to the success of any project. The company already had a good protocol in place and it worked quite well, but it took forever to complete. So after about a year of going through the motions and experiencing the process, I came up with the idea of a centralized quality control tool for web development. That day, I came home after work and got started on a new project: Koalati.

If you want to get in touch with me personally, you can message me on Instagram at @veganguywhocodes or via my LinkedIn profile.

The real heroes: the open-source community

Although a lot of work has been put in to make Koalati what it is today, the real heroes are the contributors of the open-source community. Without them, Koalati's tools and services would be much more limited.

If it was not for all of those people's hard work and kindness in sharing their projects with the world, the development community would not be as great, and every field of technology would be much less advanced.

To learn more about the open-source projects that are used on Koalati, you can head to the Licenses and credits page.